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HP rolls out 'Let's Do Amazing' ad campaign


We'd already gotten word of HP's new $40 million "Let's Do Amazing" ad campaign earlier today, but the company has just now rolled out its first series of ads to give us some indication of how all that money is being spent. Somewhat curiously, for an ad campaign partly intended to reintroduce the HP brand to consumers, the ads stray pretty far beyond HP's consumer products (including a trip to a UPS sorting facility and the Venetian's IT department), but we do at least get to see Dr. Dre extol the benefits of HP Beats audio -- not to mention a little beatboxing from Rhys Darby of "Flight of the Conchords," who serves as the host of the ads. Head on past the break to check out the Dre ad and HP's introduction video, and hit up the link below for the rest of the series.

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