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OTOY to launch in 'Q2 2010' through AMD partnership


Y'know, OnLive and Gaikai aren't the only game-streaming services on the block. OTOY has been laying low for a minute, but the "other" game streaming service has finally made its big announcement: it's going to release in Q2 2010. In fact, OTOY isn't just a service for streaming games; there are now claims of streaming movies, PC applications and "other graphically-intensive applications" to any mobile device with a web browser.

OTOY will employ AMD Fusion Render Cloud technology, a CPU/GPU server platform that will stream games straight into your see pee youz through the company's software suite. And if you have no idea what that means, check out a demo of the service right here, courtesy of TechCrunch -- basically, it's like playing games on your computer. What a novel idea!

[Via Big Download]

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