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Impressions: Mass Effect 2 DLC - Kasumi's Stolen Memory


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Like some of the best loyalty quests in Mass Effect 2, "Kasumi's Stolen Memory" is an inventive sub-story that steps away from all the galactic peril just long enough to explore the motives and traits of a newly recruited squad mate. The downloadable add-on introduces Kasumi, a cocky human thief in search of data relating to a former partner (in crime?), and sees Shepard accompanying her on an important and incredibly dangerous two-person mission. You know, a date.

Donning a sleek bit of evening wear and a false identity, Shepard accompanies Kasumi to an exclusive party -- the kind that requires either a shiny invitation or a shady conscience. While the commander mingles, a cloaked Kasumi keeps an eye out for the hidden art vault that she believes holds her partner's grey box. What they eventually find encroaches upon spoiler territory (that's especially sensitive given the 90-minute length of the mission), but unsurprisingly triggers one of Mass Effect 2's intense combat sequences.

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In addition to the new "Locust" SMG, you'll gain the offensive abilities of a rogue. When commanded, Kasumi can sneak up unseen on enemies and deliver a crippling backstab with her omnitool. Her loyalty power, which is unlocked at the completion of the mission and can be transferred to Shepard, enables the use of flash grenades. Enemies in the mansion can also use those on you, so look out ... and away.

The grand heist inserts an interesting premise into Mass Effect 2, and players that hope to replay the game (or are midway through it by the time this DLC launches on April 6th) stand to benefit the most from a brand new character. Just like the mercenary Zaeed, Kasumi occupies a spot on the Normandy and can be relied upon during any of the game's missions.

The cost of Kasumi's Stolen Memory has yet to be announced, as the developer claims internal discussions on the matter are still underway. We imagine the last thing BioWare wants to do is introduce a thief and leave players feeling robbed.

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