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Star Wars Galaxies livens up a theme park

Eliot Lefebvre

Usually, references to theme parks when it comes to MMOs are meant as derogatory terms. Not so much the case when playing Star Wars Galaxies, where "theme parks" are areas with connected and in-depth quest lines designed to invest the player in the region's storyline. The most recent producer's letter for the game mentioned that Nym's theme park was due for an overhaul and revision, and more information has helpfully been provided by the development team. The overhaul is targeting both new and veteran players, with the additional quests available for those who've never done them and quests available for those who already experienced the original line.

The original plan was to outright scrap the old content, but when the team got their hands on the volume of content, they decided instead to do an overhaul. That means that the original Nym content remains in the new questline, which has been vastly expanded and ties more personally to Nym himself. There's also a number of new optional bosses and collections added in the chain, to challenge and interest players of all stripes. Star Wars Galaxies has put a great deal of energy into the overhaul, no doubt hoping that people will be anxious to take a ride in the park.

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