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This Week on the Nintendo Channel: Cave Story


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This week's most noteworthy Nintendo Channel item is by far the Developer's Voice video on Cave Story above. Next week, we'll finally get to play it. How pumped are you? Like, beyond pumped? We sure hope so!

Head past the break for the rest of this week's content.

Gallery: Cave Story (WiiWare) | 22 Photos

DS Demos

  • Rooms DS (distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects (distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • Deca Sports DS - Cheerleading demo (distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing DS (distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • Deca Sports DS - Ping Pong demo (distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • Disney the Princess and the Frog (distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - Alpine Skiing(distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • James Cameron's AVATAR: The Game (distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers (distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion(distribution ends 3/22/2010)
  • Nintendo Week - 3/15
  • WarioWare DIY - Tutorial - Beginner Lesson 1
  • WarioWare DIY - Tutorial - Beginner Lesson 2
  • Monster Hunter Tri - Crabs Spot
  • Monster Hunter Tri - Fox Hunt Spot
  • Monster Hunter Tri - College Spot
  • Monster Hunter Tri - Beast of the Sands Video
  • Monster Hunter Tri - Their World, Your Hunt Video
  • Rage of the Gladiator - Info Video
  • Rage of the Gladiator - Info Video - MotionPlus
  • Cave Story - Developer's Voice
  • Calling - Developer Interview Video
  • Calling - Launch Video
  • Disney Alice in Wonderland - Info Video
  • Car Jack Streets - Info Video
  • Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs - Fight For Survival - Info Video
  • 101 MiniGolf World - Info Video
  • Zoo Frenzy - Info Video

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