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Tiny, robotic space shuttle to be launched into orbit in April

Laura June

A long-delayed project initiated by NASA and carried out by Boeing may finally get to see the light of cold, beautiful day according to reports from the US Air Force. The X-37, a small, robotic space plane is set to make its first unmanned trip into orbit in April. Conceived by NASA as an unmanned re-entry lifeboat for crew of the International Space Station, the X-37 reportedly has a cargo bay of just 7 x 4 feet, and it has apparently been shipped to Florida for its maiden voyage, where it will be mounted to an Atlas V rocket for its launch into space. There aren't any other details -- the people running the project are keeping everything pretty quiet, but the shuttle itself is reported to have said that it's putting itself "to the fullest possible use," adding that that "is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do."

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