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Borderlands 'Double Game Add-on Pack' arrives April 6 in NA, April 9 'internationally;' not coming to PS3


"A two pack?" you ask, confused by today's announcement of the Borderlands DLC retail package. "But doesn't that game have three DLC packs? And aren't there more coming?" Yeah, sure, and you might even have a point! But for now, 2K Games chose to announce the release of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, together on disc, for $19.99 (starting on April 6 in North America and April 9 everywhere else).

More confusing? Apparently the retail pack won't arrive on PS3, though both pieces of content are already available digitally (for the same price, no less) on the PlayStation Network. Yep, we're not really sure what to say either, but we've asked Gearbox and 2K Games for a reason why the pack isn't heading to the PS3 (or if it ever will, for that matter), and if this also be the case with future DLC releases at retail. We'll let you know what we hear back as soon as we can.

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