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Breakfast Topic: Fear is the mind-killer

Matthew Rossi

Let me be frank: I've run heroic Halls of Reflection a lot. By a lot, I mean hundreds of times now. As a tank, I find it tedious because there's only so much I can do about people refusing to understand certain simple key facts

  • If you are ranged DPS, do not be hitting the ranged mobs before they run around the corner.
  • If you are a healer, please stand out of line of sight of the ranged mobs so that they don't start nuking you instead of running around the corner.
  • Everyone just stay out of line of site until the mobs get here. Seriously. Do not run out to begin nuking until the mobs get here what the heck are you doing arrrrrrgh and then of course I need a new keyboard.
As a result, I cringe when I get HHoR now. On my DK, on my shaman, on my warrior, doesn't matter. Tank, DPS or heal, I loathe the sight of the place. Now, I generally stay in the run anyway, because I'm a pampered baby used to his instaqueue and I hate having to wait around until my debuff falls off. But dozens of runs where people refuse to understand these simple rules (stay out of LoS until all the mobs are in one spot and for the love of all good things let me get them into one spot) and a general inability of every single PuG I've yet done to CC the marksman when he doesn't come in means that I'm generally just about ready to blow the place up.

That's why I found this thread (especially the comments by Bornakk) so interesting. Are people just afraid of HHoR?

The initial comment Bornakk makes blames it more on laziness than fear, but I find the idea expounded upon later interesting, that it can be a combination of factors. The heroic I am most likely to drop and sit out the debuff is Heroic Nexus, because unless they'll let me tank it as fury in full DPS gear it is ridiculously boring for me to tank Nexus. Run around in a ring, mobs explode so fast you sometimes don't even get to target them, bosses that can be tanked by a mage because they die in like ten hits, healers can use drinking birds to keep up even a moderately geared tank, this is not an instance that holds up well to current gear levels. I'll sometimes just tank it while I read a book or eat something, but often I apologize to the group and drop, secure in the knowledge that they're in the queue now and will get a tank reasonably fast. That's how boring Nexus is.

That being said, the same runaway gear that makes Nexus a snoozefest for me can make HHoR an absolute nightmare for a tank trying to gear up. I've done runs recently with two or three plate DPS in ICC 10/25 gear and a druid tank in iLevel 187 blues who just hit 80 - even after gearing up somewhat and having some epics can you imagine tossing new tank into the meat grinder of Divine Storms and Bladestorms ripping aggro off at a moment's notice? It's not always the instance that's scary, it can be the people you're running it with.

So how about it? Any instances you are afraid to run, hate running, or just hate PuGging?

Also, you can thank Adam Holisky for that image of Sting in his skivvies from Dune. He insisted. And he will kill me.

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