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Erebus: Travia Reborn goes into closed beta soon

Billed as an "MMO action RPG" Erebus: Travia Reborn is the newest game to join the Outspark stable. Set to head in to closed beta tomorrow (Wednesday, March 17th) and offering 3-d Isometric gaming that reminds us of old-school dungeon-crawling, we suspect that Erebus: Travia Reborn will likely draw some old-school eyes.

Based on an already existing Korean game called Travia, we got a chance to play with it a bit at GDC 2010, and our impression was of a fun free-to-play title that returns us to some of our earlier days of gaming. The simplistic stat system combined with a heavy leaning towards action-packed game-play looks to be a good mix for folks new to the genre as much as for those who love nothing more than to spend hours leveling their characters.

If you haven't picked up a closed beta key as yet, there may still be some available around the web, or you can apply for the closed beta on the Erebus main site. While characters will be wiped (it's still closed beta after all) there's still something to be said for getting in early and having fun before the crowds show up! Players who manage to hit level 10 in the closed beta will also get a special surprise (we have no idea what it is either) when open beta starts too.

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