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Navigon launches regional nav apps at lower prices

Mel Martin

If you've been lusting after the Navigon apps for your iPhone, the company has just released lower-priced regional versions that divide the country into three sections and let you add other parts of the U.S. with an in-app purchase.

You can now buy Western states, Central U.S. or Eastern states as standalone regions. The single region version is US$24.99 until April 12, when the price goes up to $29.99. If you buy one region, you can add another region for $12.99 each.

These new versions contain all the features of the Navigon U.S. and Canada version. All versions include the new MyRoutes feature. Navigon MyRoutes learns from the user's driving style to provide customized and better route recommendations. The feature also offers up to two alternative routes clearly displayed on a map including ETA, distance and driving time. This lets users choose the route that best serves their individual situation. The MyRoutes feature will be added to the North American version with update 1.5.0

Traffic Live, which is another add-on, provides crowd-sourced real-time traffic information to calculate better routes that avoid congestion and get drivers to their destination faster. The feature is available as an in-app one-time purchase at a promotional price of $19.99 until April 12th.

As I pointed out in my review of CoPilot Live yesterday, these add-ons are getting a bit confusing, and it would be nice if all the nav developers simply offered a complete version to keep things simple. Others will argue that by offering bits and pieces you can customize your app and get only what you want. It does keep the price down. Navigon has certainly done that with the Navigon MyRegion edition. If you stay in pretty much one part of the country you get a very advanced application at a very competitive price. You can find a complete Navigon feature list here.

The apps run on iPhone version 3.0 or greater. They can be used on first generation iPhones or the iPod touch with additional hardware accessories, and run on their own with the iPhone 3G or 3GS.

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