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Amazon stealthily releases Kindle app for Mac


The app allows you to download Kindle books you already own, and read them at leisure on your Mac; synchronization of your progress through the book is automatic, and will keep track with your Kindle or iPhone reading. It displays your bookmarks and highlights from your Kindle reading sessions, but doesn't let you create new highlights. You can adjust font size and line length to suit your visual acuity; turning pages is accomplished by using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or with the arrow keys.

It's definitely no-frills, but it's good to see that the Mac app for Kindle reading is finally seeing the light of day, although it's too bad PowerPC and Tiger users are left out of the fun. Thanks, Amazon... now, about that iPad app...

If you want to try out the Kindle app while lacking an actual Kindle (or the iPhone app), and you don't want to invest in costly ebooks, no worries; Glenn Fleishman at TidBITS points out that there are scores of free titles available for download, including some excellent public-domain classics.

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