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Digimon Battle beta begins

Tamers! The time to grab your Digimon and set off for adventure is upon us. The open beta for WeMade's Digimon Battle is set to open tonight at 5pm Pacific time for those who have signed up to try out this upcoming game. They're not just leaving it at that, though -- the plans are to celebrate the opening of Digimon Battle with a series of events called the Triple Play Event Bundle.

The events will run from March 17th through April 7th, and offer a variety of things for players to try out as they level their Digimon up in this interesting new world. The first one is called "Mega Mission" and players who manage to digivolve (evolve, for non-Digimon fans) their companions to the Mega Stage will have a chance to win 500 WeCash, and in-game items like Gold Drills, Excalibur Swords and a week of Deva Aura. The second event is called "Check in and Cash In" which will reward players who log once per day (for 100% attendance) with an interesting-sounding Mysterious DigiEgg prize. The third and final event will offer something called the "DB Happy Hour" that will grant players a 30% experience buff for free when they log in on March 20th & 21st between 11AM and 2PM server time to help stress-test the servers. (That's Pacific time for those curious.)

"Digimon fans have been waiting for a game that provides exciting, interactive hands-on battling and we are proud to deliver," said Kevin Seo, CEO of WeMade. "The beta is only the beginning. We will have many new content updates in the coming months that will add new Digivolution systems, Digimon classes, maps and the action-packed Battle Mode where players can battle each other to determine the best fighters."

So dust off those old Digimon videos, and get ready to join the digivolution! If you haven't signed up for the open beta, you can head over to the Digimon Battle main site and sign up now for a WeMade games account.

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