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Sam Fisher surfaces on Twitter


Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima was the weirdest gaming-related Twitter account we'd seen -- until we saw Sam Fisher's account. Yes, the green-eyed spy guy is now on Twitter, which we know thanks to a picture we were sent from a Ubisoft email address that implored us to "Don't Believe What You Hear; My Mission Is One of Justice," combined with the plug above.

So far, he's only been whining about using "rogue resources" and posting 140 characters at a time of mysterious nonsense like "when you believe, it's easy to sacrifice." Because of course when you're a rogue operative and you need to get secret messages out into the world, a fully public Twitter account is the best way to do so. To be honest, we're a little disappointed -- Sam Fisher's got an interesting life, and we'd like to follow him and get a look at the man behind the Cell. What's he doing with his time off? What bars is he checking in from? And what does Sam Fisher eat for lunch every day? You know, important Twitter stuff.

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