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The Classifieds: The Glory of the Uber-Hero


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You guys really gobbled up the megadose of uberness in last week's Classifieds. "While most heroics I run are absolutely clinical (little talk, fast runs), there are still enough jerks out there to make me appreciate this acknowledgement of not only those players who make this game fun most of the time, but also those willing to recognize them for doing so," wrote Daco. "A hearty thx to all mentioned here for their uberness." jjtwalton concurred:"I can not believe how awesome this feature is. I don't end up looking at races, guilds, GearScore, progress, enchants or achievements ... Alllll I see is people doing the right thing, the good thing and having fun. It's a testament to humans in general, I guess, but I thought I would chime in with my two cents (pennies in England!) and say bravo and /highfive to the WoW community who are being so awesome."

We'd love to keep it up -- and that's up to you! Send your shout-outs for the coolest players you've grouped with to Random Acts of Uberness at Please try to keep your tales to 150 words or less. In other Classifieds business, we've got a new spin on recruiting we'd like you all to try out this week, too. But first, back to the current week's Random Acts of Uberness, and one PUGger who earned what should be a new achievement named in his honor, The Glory of the Uber-Hero:

Anonymous PUG leader, Emberstorm battlegroup-A "On this night, the group's tank said, 'We're going after two achievements here; is that ok?'. (I love achievements; this was fine.) During the run, it came to light that two of the team members were helping a third polish off the Glory of the Hero achievement. I mentioned that I needed a few of those sub-achievements as well. 'Show me,' the tank says. ..."

"I linked my Glory of the Hero listing," Pyxl continues. "A few minutes later, he had read through everyone in the group's listing and charted a course through multiple dungeons that would give everyone in the group the most benefit. For the next two hours, we serial-linked dungeon after dungeon, knocking off achievements. The tank and his friends were polite, knowledgeable about all the fights -- and once, when I carelessly wiped us, even offered a kind "Hey, that's how we learn!" in response.

"During those runs, I halved the distance between me and the achievement, all in a PUG. When we all agreed to stop for the night, we bemoaned the fact that, being cross-server PUGged, we couldn't find each other again to continue at a later date. Blizzard! If you need reasons why a cross-instance friends list would be helpful, please keep this in mind. I'd love to log in sometime in the future and be told: 'Someone you know on another server is in LFG. Join them?'" (Pyxl, US Hydraxis-A)

Calainia of US Runetotem-A "Some of my guildies and I decided to run a heroic, but lacking a tank, we queued for one. We zoned in to find Calainia. Buffed to 35k health, wearing some blues and lacking some enchants, she wasn't an ICC tank, but none of us minded -- it's a heroic. On the first pull, we watched her to see how she did, and she was pro. On the second pull, we unloaded full throttle, and she acted like it was nothing. Halfway through the run, I whispered to Calainia that it was an honor to be running with her and that she was doing a wonderful job. I know that it must have taken some work for her to hold threat from three ICC-geared DPS, but she did a flawless chain-pull run, and we all loved her for it. Hats off to you, Calainia, and thank you again!" (Kyara, US Mug'Thol-A)

Who rocks the PUGs in your battlegroup? Send your Random Acts of Uberness to

Recruiting: LFGuild

Now that most guilds who are aiming at Icecrown Citadel are well on their way down (up?) that slippery slope, we're going to try something new in The Classifieds' recruiting section. Last week's chatter over a reader's plea for help finding a casual guild held promise, so let's try flipping the usual recruiting format on its head. Are you having trouble finding the right guild? Shoot us a note ( with a link to your Armory and 50 words or so about what you're looking for (content, hours, size, attitude, whatever you want that you're not able to find).

Meanwhile, let's clean up a few leftover guild recruiting notices:

  • Filling out their 25-man team <Hand of the Gods> (US Ravenholdt-A), a "casual progression guild looking to get more into the hardcore scene," is seeking elemental shamans, warlocks and shadowpriests to raid Mon./Tues. 7:30-11 p.m. EST and Wed. 8:30-11 p.m. EST. 80% raid attendance is required.
  • Late-night ICC-25 <Almost Ugly> of US Magtheridon-H is looking for rogues, hunters, feral druids, enhancement shamans, holy paladins, a resto shaman, and one or two resto druids. They raid 10:30-1:30 a.m. EST Mon.-Thurs.-Sun. plus 10-mans on Wed. and Fri.
  • 10-man raiding on a limited schedule <Focus> (EU Eonar-H) only raids two hours at a time, twice a week. This group of ex-hardcore players don't have the time or inclination to raid more than four hours a night anymore but still want to progress and see content; they extend raid IDs as needed in order to see new content.
  • Filling 10s, building to 25 <The New World Order Alliance> (US Velen-A), a "casual guild on a casual server" (seen in the screenshot above), is recruiting healers for a second TOC/ICC-10 team and to solidify its 25-man team. Please be geared at least for TOC-10 content (2400 gear score according to or 4200 GearScore). Raid hours are 10-man content Tues.-Thurs 5:30-8:30 p.m. server time and TOC-25 Sat. 6-9 p.m. server.

Around the WoW community

Fancy flapping frostwyrm alert: <Midwinter> of US Ysera-US snagged the U.S. first this week for the 25-man meta-achievement Glory of the Icecrown Raider. Kudos on the dedication, <Midwinter>!

A little farther down the achievements food chain is Shalista of US Fizzcrank-A, whose mission in life is to complete all possible quests presented her. "While she is an alt, she's also had the requirement that she has to be completely self-sufficient," she writes. "So, she's done her levelling on a server where I have no other Alliance toons capable of easing her workload. I still have a long way to achieve her quest-driven goals, but I did hit a notable achievement as I dinged level 47: my little hunter is an Ambassador. I believe she's the lowest level Ambassador in the game." That's a hard-working night elf right there! Anyone else getting connected so early in the game?

"Jealous kudos" from reader Lance go to level 19 twink Dethany of US Madoran-H on snagging the victory at the STV fish tourney this past Sunday. "She was all alone on the troll isle and must have gotten very lucky with pool spawns," notes Lance. "When I came up on her, I had 32 fish and thought I was ahead of the curve, only to see her hearth a minute later. I did see her use a Swiftness Potion -- but damn, I didnt think it was possible without help or a mount." Good work hooking the big one, Dethany.

Raiding progression

Our friends over at GuildOx sent us some intriguing insights into what they call "the low-hanging fruits of ICC achievements." We thought it was pretty tasty fruit, ourselves. Here are the highlights:

See the rest of this week's details on who's downing what content at GuildOx.

The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on player and community news, help finding the right guild, who's making waves in the WoW community and more. E-mail your news and Random Acts of Uberness to

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