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Halo: Reach beta matchmaking and UI details surface



Up until now, we were content with what few details we had about the Halo: Reach beta: its date of arrival and all of that sexy jetpack stuff. According to some details over at Shacknews, there's plenty more to get excited about than just atomic teabagging: new matchmaking and UI features, of course!

The first big addition is Arena playlists, a set of Slayer and Team Slayer playlists for the more hardcore players, complete with its own ranking system. Ranks will be determined through a variety of factors, and will section off players into one of five groups: Onyx, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Steel. As such, Ranked and Social will now be one combined playlist.

Other improvements come to the lobby system, giving players the power to vote on potential games that come up in matchmaking and an auto-queue feature that lets you join friends immediately after they complete a match. There's even a throwback to Halo 2 in the Active Roster screen, an area that shows all of your friends who are playing the game.

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