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Sega does what Nintendon't: make prototypes for Project Natal games


Sega Super Stars (PS2)
Sega is hard at work on software for both Project Natal and PlayStation Move. And to prove it (at least the first one), Sega America/Europe president Mike Hayes told Eurogamer that a "prototype" Natal game will be on display at E3. "We asked our Japanese studio to create something for [Natal] which we'll show off at E3," Hayes said. "They had a brilliant prototype up and running within six weeks. I mean a genuinely entertaining prototype you could just play."

Of course, Sonic Team created what could be seen as a prototype Move/Natal game in 2004. Sega Super Stars was a minigame collection that paired modified "lite" versions of classic Sega games like Space Channel 5, Virtua Fighter and Samba de Amigo with motion sensing from the EyeToy, which happens to be a direct ancestor of the Move's PlayStation Eye camera. Our guess is that this "prototype" will bear some resemblance to Sega Super Stars. Not that that will necessarily translate directly into a new retail product, of course.

The fact that Hayes sees these motion controllers as best-served by "things that are more about multi, party gaming" only reinforces the idea that Sega plans to revisit Super Stars.

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