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Square Enix brings overpriced photos of Final Fantasy XIII to the iPhone


Imagine all the epic battles of Final Fantasy XIII in the palm of your hand! In fact, using your imagination is pretty much the only thing you can do with this new App.

Square Enix is proud to present an exclusive version of Final Fantasy XIII for your iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you zoom in on Lightning, Snow and the rest of the gang. See your favorite characters in dramatic poses, as they prepare for battles in the most stylish way possible. Yes, for only $8.99 you'll be able to download a small collection of still images to peruse.

But wait -- there's more! Not only can you look at pictures; you'll be able to bring up a calendar and a clock. In fact, you can look at images at the same time as the clock. That functionality makes this truly a "Larger-than-Life" experience. Download it today!

FINAL FANTASY XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery ($8.99): Zits & Giggles

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