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The Daily Grind: What do you think of Cryptic?

Eliot Lefebvre

There are few companies these days that generate emotions as strong as those generated by Cryptic Studios. They weren't particularly controversial when they produced City of Heroes, but their subsequent efforts in both Champions Online and Star Trek Online have produced a great deal of contention. Between the launch day issues of Champions Online, the controversy of Cryptic's microtransaction stores, and concerns regarding the amount of content in the game... well, they're contentious. Of course, they also have their fans, have produced two games within a remarkably short timeframe, and are clearly dedicated to both communication and player-targeted development.

Considering that today is the first big content release for Star Trek Online and the recent information regarding Bill Roper's departure from Champions Online (although he's remaining with Cryptic), it seems an appropriate time to ask about opinions. So, what are your thoughts on the company? Do you like the work that they're doing, or do you think they're on the wrong track? Are you currently playing one or both of their games, are you a former player, or have you refused to play them for whatever reason?

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