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Metareview: Metro 2033


You already know all about our love affair with Metro 2033, don't you? It's true, we're smitten with the admittedly less-than-perfect, but atmospheric, FPS. And the game's publisher (THQ) is probably living it up right now, several games deep into what could be called a roll at this point. What did other outlets have to say about it? Well, they tend to agree with us ... mostly!
  • Game Informer (9.0): "Metro 2033 is an impressively polished and extremely linear experience that makes for an excellent debut ... From the second you start the campaign, you follow a straight line to the finale with only a handful of opportunities to explore alternate paths or side missions. What a glorious straight line it is."
  • Official Xbox Magazine UK (8.0): "Metro 2033 excels at setting a scene and creating a tense atmosphere, and presents a very different post-apocalyptic world from Fallout 3: there's no black comedy, just unrelentingly bleak realism."
  • GamePro (3.5/5 Stars): "The post-apocalyptic scenario has been done to death but Metro 2033's particular version still manages to stand out thanks to a fascinating backstory ... I just wish Metro 2033 had done a better job of explaining and exploring these themes, especially because the distinctly Russian perspective is so different from the 'Western' viewpoint that I'm intimately familiar with. But instead of taking the time to properly introduce you to the world and acclimate you to all the ins-and-outs, the developers throw you into the deep-end without anything resembling a life-preserver."

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