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WRUP: PAX East is next week edition


Why are we so excited for PAX East? Well, it's a chance for us to let our hair down -- well, those of us who have hair that's long enough, or even still have hair ... let's start over. PAX East's apparent size for its inaugural year came as a relative surprise to many companies, so the formal meetings we'd usually have are out and a more "let's see how this goes" attitude is in effect. Meaning, we get to actually hang out.

Of course, we still have some meetings (i.e. work), but then we also have some fun stuff planned, like the Blueberry Muffin Top breakfast and live Joystiq podcast recording. However, for the most part, we'll be wandering around looking for interesting stuff. Play some games, geek out, probably grab a couple pints and nachos at The Pour House -- oooo, or maybe Bukowski's, which is one of the last dive bars left in the city. Anyway, follow our Twitters (noted after the break) and we'll be sure to holla stuff to check out in and around the show.

What's everyone playing?

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