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'Second Sight' turns PSP camera into an augmented reality learning tool [update]

We've recently seen augmented reality used in some pretty clever ways in the gaming space, but Sony subsidiary ConnectED has come up with a way to turn real-time graphical overlays into an educational tool. Using a PSP equipped with a camera, the "Second Sight" technology allows tags embedded in textbooks or magazines to cue relevant audio or video clips directly on the PSP.

The program can also create interactive 3D models which the user can examine by changing the orientation of the PSP. Check out the video after the jump to see a video demonstration of what we're talking about, and then imagine how awesome school is going to be in like, fifteen years.

Update: We recently heard from Matthew Prodger, studio director at Black Ridge Technologies, who explained that his company was the actual developer and owner of the technology, while ConnectED is simply the distributor of the tech on the PSP. He also said the technology would appear on mobile phones for use in "museums, books, magazines and newspapers over the coming year."

[Via Siliconera]

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