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Engadget is live from CTIA 2010!


We're live from CTIA Wireless once again, ready to bring you pretty much non-stop coverage of the goings-on in Las Vegas until we collapse, the show runs out of goods, or we get completely lost in the embrace of some heretofore unannounced handset. So what are we expecting to see, exactly? We've already seen Motorola's i1 pop up, heard rumors of a potential HTC Supersonic appearance, and the Samsung Galaxy S is a possibility as well, but that's just scratching the surface -- the other big names in the industry will likely make a showing, and we'll be covering everything as it happens. We've set up a special CTIA 2010 page to help you keep track of the never-ending barrage of coverage, so have a look and get ready for an action-packed week!

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