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Hamster Ball rolls onto PSN this week


TikGames is launching yet another game on PS3 this week via the PlayStation Network: Hamsterball, a self-described, hamster-themed mix of "Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball." As with other games featuring plastic-trapped mammals, Hamsterball looks to be a race through suspended mazes, with the goal of achieving faster and faster completion times.

In addition to the requisite single-player campaign, Hamsterball also features a two-player split-screen mode and a seven-player "sumo" mode. We're not entirely sure what "sumo" is supposed to mean, but it's true that the PS3 can support up to 7 controllers locally -- so will Hamsterball be one of the few games to actually support this feature?

Hamsterball will be available for $9.99 on the North American PlayStation Store this Thursday, March 25.

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