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Report: Warner Bros. Interactive opening Montreal studio


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is the latest company to take advantage of Canada's talent (and yummy, yummy tax incentives) for game developers and publishers. GameFocus reports that WBIE (WBI-oui?) will open a new studio in Montreal that will be lead by division president Martin Tremblay and employ over 300 people. The studio will be known as WB Games Montreal. We've contacted WBIE for comment on the new studio, but the publisher has yet to make a formal announcement.

In a previous professional life, Tremblay was the big fromage at Vivendi and Ubisoft Montreal. The executive also apparently claimed that the publisher would open a studio in another city soon. That could be a new studio, or it could be a developer WB has invested in, like Turbine -- or a solid developer that's recently tripped into some eye-catching success.

Update: The province of Quebec has made it official.

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