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SimCity Deluxe coming soon to iPhone

Mel Martin

An updated version of the the preferred game for those who want to create cities and watch them prosper or founder is coming to the iPhone this summer.

SimCity Deluxe from EA Mobile will have a user interface that improves on the current Sim City offering, with enhancements that make it look a bit more SimCity 4 on the PC. SimCity has been popular on the iPhone since it was released in 2008

The game includes different seasons (with appropriate disasters, of course) and 7 starter cities just waiting for you to run them into the ground.

The new version will sport improved frame rates, and the ability to modify terrain with a touch and swipe of your finger.

These type of games go way back. I remember playing Santa Paravia which was a similar, but considerably more primitive economic simulation, way back when it was on the TRS-80. Ah, memories.

The new SimCity Deluxe will work on the iPhone and iPod touch, and I reckon that you can count on an iPad version as well.

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