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'Ripper' is Visceral Games' PSN & XBLA game, according to Pachter report


[The Illustrated London News; October 13, 1888]
Of the many highlights from the Wedbush firm's visit to EA HQ last week, as recorded in analyst Michael Pachter's report on the publisher released to media outlets today, one stuck out like, well, like a 19th century serial killer. Pachter has apparently announced Ripper, a "new PSN, Xbox Live game" from Visceral Games. In other words, put two and two together, my dear Watson, and that rumored Jack the Ripper game is actually Visceral Games' reported downloadable project.

Pachter's notes don't provide additional details on the Ripper game and only reiterate that Visceral also has Dead Space 2 in development. When questioned, a Visceral Games representative issued a "no comment" to Joystiq. We'll keep sleuthing around for clues, though -- and in the meantime, kindly report any suspicious-looking games to our tips line.

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