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Wii football controller brought to life by CTA Digital

Vlad Savov

It wasn't too long ago that we were berating Nintendo for its seemingly silly patent application relating to a football-shaped soft appendage for the Wii Remote controllers. As it turns out, we may have underestimated the consumer interest in just such a product. While Ninty's application is still under review, CTA Digital has taken the opportunity to introduce its own "soft, realistic accessory" for the ballers that just can't get their Madden on without the feel of a rubbery pigskin substitute. It's ambidextrous, it comes with a wrist strap, and it has absolutely no right to exist in a society of right-thinking Homo sapiens. But it does. At least price and availability aren't yet public, so hopefully you'll have forgotten about this abomination by the time of release.

Update: Turns out these are already available at Amazon for a precious cent short of $17.

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