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'X Scorch' for Xbox 360 gets in on the split controller craze


With PlayStation Move (and, let's not forget, the Splitfish lineup), the PS3 is taking part in the dual-controller wizardry that Wii owners have been enjoying for years -- a layout designed to allow free arm movement, but functionally allows us to play games without having to expend the effort to lift our arms from our sides to rest our hands in our laps. Now Xbox 360 owners will be able to get in on the slack-armed fun -- and utilize mouse control in their first-person shooters while they're at it -- with Bannco's "X Scorch" controller, an Xbox-based version of another two-handed PS3 setup, the "FragNStein."

The X Scorch, which is cross-compatible with PC, combines a custom mouse with a wireless Nunchuk-esque controller that features a D-pad, an analog stick and some trigger buttons. According to Bannco, the device is upgradeable via firmware updates and has "digital sniper buttons," which certainly sounds impressive. The X Scorch retails for $79.99. See it in action after the break.

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