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Breakfast Topic: Borrowed Death

Matthew Rossi

In addition to World of Warcraft, I've been obsessively playing Dragon Age Origins' new expansion, Awakening. And one ability the warrior class in DAOA (possibly the most awkward acronym I've seen in a while that isn't accidentally vulgar) has is Massacre. What does Massacre do? Massacre is basically a giant "Hey, look, a bunch of mooks, regular ol' non elite mobs, I'm going to blow them up" move. It automatically crits against elite mobs, and stuff that's just lower or lesser blows up and dies in a circle around you.

I want this ability for a WoW warrior so badly. This isn't Whirlwind, which only hits four mobs (although yes, if you are geared enough Whirlwind will effectively insta-gib four non elite mobs on a crit) but rather basically a full fledged clear the room ability. I've wiped out entire caves full of Darkspawn with this move. I understand that it would be ridiculously OP for an MMO and that in the name of game balance I shouldn't have it. I mean, imagine world PvP against a warrior who can insta-kill everything lower level than he is in the area? Crossroads and Tarren Mill/Southshore would be charnel pits of dead lowbies. But man, I still wish I had this move.

So what spells, abilities, special moves, or other cool features would you like to steal from other games for your WoW enjoyment?

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