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Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games announced for DS and Wii


You know, some people just don't get it. When you're 36 and you like to hang at the Chuck E. Cheese's, people get the wrong idea. They think because you've got a big, bushy beard, trench coat and some fresh Ray-Bans on, you're hanging around with offensive, illegal activities in mind. Since when is it a crime to love the ball pit? Skee-Ball should be something we all can enjoy at any age, right?

Thanks to UFO Interactive, you don't have to worry about dirty looks from parents and possible incarceration any longer, as the publisher is lining up a pair of titles for the DS and Wii. Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games will feature 18 different mini-games -- starring Chuck and his friends, natch -- and various unlockable videos and prizes.

Sadly, UFO Interactive doesn't have any media on either game at this time, but in the meanwhile why not just sit back, close your eyes and imagine playing in a ball pit that isn't a cesspool of germ-carrying kids wrist-deep in their nostrils? Ahh, that's the good stuff!

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