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DS sells over 30 million in Japan


The same day it chose to announce the 3DS, Nintendo officially hit a ridiculous milestone for the existing DS platform(s) in Japan: 30 million units sold. Enterbrain estimates that, through March 21, the handheld has sold 30,030,434 units. The last reported worldwide total, in January, was around 125 million. Unsurprisingly, the best-selling game is New Super Mario Bros., with 5,767,262 copies sold.

30 million is indeed a record for the best-selling console ever in Japan; however, every time anyone in Japan buys a DS, it's a new record, because the DS became Japan's best-selling console as soon as it passed the PS2 at around the 21 million mark. There are people in line at electronics stores now, each of whom is about to bring the DS to a record sales total.

[Via IGN]

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