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Germany keeps spreading the browser hate, warns against Firefox

Tim Stevens

Remember back when Germany's Federal Office for Information Security said that Internet Explorer just wasn't good enough for its citizens? The Office is doing its civic duty once again, this time warning against that formerly lean and mean upstart competitor: Firefox -- for a little while, at least. The Office "recommends the use of alternative browser until Mozilla has released Firefox version 3.6.2," due one week from today, and while it doesn't make a recommendation on which browser you should be using in the interim, we're thinking Lynx users can keep on surfing with confidence.

Update: Just as this post was going live Mozilla released the 3.6.2 Firefox security update that Bürger-CERT was looking for. Their press release has been changed to recommend updating your browser to the new version ASAP, and if you really did jump over to Lynx we would recommend closing that terminal window and getting back to reality ASAP.

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