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Guild Wars wants to know: will you obey or dismantle?

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Daniel Dociu's panel and interview weren't the only things keeping Guild Wars fans interested at GDC recently. A few days ago, fans began posting here and there that they'd received some intriguing flyers at both GDC and Emerald City ComicCon. The flyers read "OBEY" (in support of the White Mantle) or "DISMANTLE" (backing the Shining Blade), depending on which you received. Each carried an image indicating support of the White Mantle or the Shining Blade and a QR code, which at the moment leads only to an image of the flyers on the official Guild Wars site.

Given that the Guild Wars 2 site began with a simple image, it's probably a very good idea to keep a close eye on these two pages. Guild Wars will celebrate its fifth birthday in just over a month and this may well be our first hint at new content. In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to start choosing a side. Just don't forget: the Shining Blade has Livia. The White Mantle has this.

[Via Kill Ten Rats]

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