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Kung Fu Panda World starts sneak peek


What's more dangerous than a bear, tiger or monkey? A bear, tiger or monkey trained in deadly martial arts and given the slavish adoration of millions of small children everywhere, of course. So there's really no point in resisting Kung Fu Panda World, but we're sure that many kids won't want to anyway. This browser-based MMO moved into a "sneak peek" phase, enabling players everywhere to get a taste of the good life. Just plug into the website and start training up an animal in mystical Eastern fighting styles.

Based on the popular DreamWorks animated movie, Kung Fu Panda World looks to have the same feel as other family-friendly MMOs like Free Realms. DreamWorks Animation has been working on this project since 2008 as part of their stated goal to increase the quality of browser games. Following in the footsteps of kung fu masters, players will wander a colorful world and engage in minigames such as Tigress Jump, Fireworks Kart Racing and Monkey Run. Just like in real life!

Kung Fu Panda World ("KFPW" sounds like a bit like an airport code, doesn't it?) runs in a web browser and offers a pricing model similar to other family MMOs. Players can choose to go the free-to-play route by watching one ad before every play session, or pay $5.95 a month for a membership package that includes more content than the F2P version.

If piloting an agile, block-breaking panda is nothing short of a dream come true for you or your children, then head on over to the website and check it out!

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