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Samsung trots out Modus Bluetooth headset, complete with dual mics and multipoint

Darren Murph

And you thought the Bluetooth headset was gone forever. Samsung Mobile's keeping the dream alive here at CTIA by introducing the "convertible-style" Modus -- a noise cancelling BT headset that's able to convert for Bluetooth stereo connectivity on a whim. It's also equipped with a pair of microphones and multipoint technology, the latter of which enables users to have the device synced to two handsets and respond to whichever rings first. Samsung's also tossing a stereo earbud headset in the box for those times when monaural just ain't cuttin' it, and the built-in rechargeable battery (which gets juiced via micro-USB) can go for six hours strong before petering out. Shame there's no mention of a price or ship date, but it's probably for the best -- remember that pact you made with your SO to keep your ear free of foreign objects?

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