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Standalone DJ Hero turntables w/ poster now available


DJ Hero turntable controllers are now available in standalone versions to scratch on all major consoles... wait, that sounds wrong. The peripheral is currently listed on retailer Amazon for $60, which is $20 off the Wii game bundle, and $40 off the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The second peripheral can be used for several different modes the game supports.

The first 100,000 standalone units also include a Shepard Fairey poster (pictured), featuring the game's cast of DJs. If you're a hardcore fan of the turntable series, chances are you've already picked up a second controller by now and traded the extra copy into Gamestop. For the rest of us, with DJ Hero 2 somewhere out there, we'd be more apt to wait and see if there's an updated controller with the sequel.

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