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The Tattered Notebook: Mail time


Ah ha! Finally! Freedom from the human reporter, Seraphina! She is going to PAX East, leaving me to my own devices! Now, finally, I can enact the plan I've been waiting so long to do!

...answer one of your e-mails. Muhahahahahahaha!

Ok, ok darlings. I know that perhaps this is not quite the same as world domination or the destruction of Qeynos, but it's special for me, yes? Usually I have to be somewhat pleasant in these weekly scribblings. But, with my oversight gone, I can let you experience the wrath of a true Tier'dal!

...with helpful advice along the way, of course.

Kosar of Oasis asks: My wife and I want to both play casters. What classes go together, or are a lot of fun?

Foolish mortal! Magic is weak! Bolts of flame do nothing to stop the onslaught of my never ending pestilence! You shall be dominated by Tier'dal might!

However, the question you raise is a very interesting one. Because of the inherent weakness of many caster types, it can be difficult to party appropriately. While the Wrath of the Tier'dal is strong and can easily crush your duo, lesser wraths, such as the Wrath of the Wicked Stepmother and the wrath of He Who Has Had Too Much To Drink In An Hour And Twenty-Six Minutes can still stop a spellcaster.

But, I think using two spellcasters can still work out in your favor. There are two directions you can possibly take this:

Classic Misdirection: Spellcasters that possess a summonable pet that can actively tank is a great choice for a duo. These types of classes can usually adventure well on their own without a second person along for the ride. But with another person in tow and adding damage, they can be quite strong. Look towards a class like Warlock, Conjuror, or Necromancer for all of your pet needs.

The other person should either pick a class that can lay on damage, or a class that can heal the pet/party. This setup also gives you practice with standard group dynamics, such as keeping hate on the tank while laying on just enough damage to work the target down. For your damage dealing needs, take the Wizard. If you want to heal, take one of the cleric classes (Templar or Inquisitor.) Or, if you want to do both damage and healing and try for something well-rounded, use the Fury or the Defiler.

Slash and Burn: The other way you could go is to take two classes that lay on unbelievable amounts of damage onto an enemy. While focus firing on a single target, or burning high damage area of effect spells, your party should be able to take on most challenges without a problem. Classes that fall under this category are the Wizard, the Conjuror, or the Fury.

Your main enemy when doing this is power consumption. Be careful not to burn all of your power in a few fights and become surrounded by enemies. You'll be defenseless and eating Norrathian turf within seconds. Pull your enemies carefully to guarantee they're alone, or take advantage of root spells if your class has them available.

But alas, this is all of the time that I have today! If you have any questions for my infinite repository of knowledge (or if you wish to ask me about my kittens) then send an e-mail to seraphina AT massively DOT com. Next week, look forward to a huge community news roundup for all of your questing needs!

Massively's dark elf reporter around town, Seccia Ravenloft, is a committed follower of the Overlord. When not adventuring, Seccia prefers a large ale and the company of kittens. She can be reached in Norrath via the Norrathian Express Mail (Server: Lucan D'Lere), or via her human friend, Seraphina Brennan, at seraphina AT massively DOT com.

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