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This post about Portal 2 concept art is free of Portal jokes

Justin McElroy

As a safe haven for all the world's thinking people, we'd like to happily announce that though this post is about a new look for Portal protagonist Chell in the upcoming Portal 2, you'll find no sly, winking references to the original game anywhere in sight. We're fresh out of good ones, and we just respect you too much to toss up dreck. With that now behind us, you may read on in confidence.

Game Informer has some concept art for Portal 2 and it appears that Chell is undergoing a makeover. We guess her old outfit was a lie ... uh, we mean, a lie-ttle bit too comfortable. Yeah, that's the ticket. Nice save, huh? In fact, we'd say it was a trium-- No! A triumvirate. Yep, that's it -- a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals. Think about it.

Now, let us never speak of this again.

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