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A little more Final Fantasy XIV information from Dengeki

Eliot Lefebvre

Since we recently had an official update to the Final Fantasy XIV site, we're currently in the usual gap before Square-Enix releases any more information about the game. But a few new little tidbits have surfaced from Dengeki Games, an offshoot of the same Dengeki Playstation magazine that's provided many translated tidbits for players. Eorzeapedia has a translation up with the new information, which includes some dissection of the above UI screenshot and a few more nuggets of information. Oddly, one of the most interesting bits of information is what the red icon located next to the enemy name indicates. (That would be just to the right of the player character in the image.)

The effect is apparently similar to that of colored enemy names in several MMOs, but with a twist -- rather than providing you with information about the enemy, it compares the overall strength of the enemy party with your current party. Also included in the news is the fact that testing will take place at differing times worldwide, as well as a few more hints about unlocking popular traits like dual wielding. While it's not going to answer all of your questions, the newest translation should help stoke your appetite for Final Fantasy XIV's release hopefully coming this year.

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