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LG launches Cosmos and eco-friendly Remarq


LG saw fit to launch a device for each of its CDMA friends: Sprint's Remarq (pictured left) and Verizon's Cosmos. Both of these sets are fairly low-end, but that won't stop them from likely garnering some support in the messaging segment. The LG Remarq -- which we detailed here -- is a small square QWERTY set with an eco-friendly bent, featuring an eco calculator app -- to keep track of how many trees you're saving -- a 1.3 megapixel camera, and access to webmail. The Remarq should ship May 9th for $free on a two-year plan after $19.99 instant and $50 mail-in rebates. The LG Cosmos which is headed for Verizon, also packs a 1.3 megapixel camera, a large slide out QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth 2.1, and GPS support thrown in for good measure. The Cosmos hits stores tomorrow for $29.99 after rebate, new plan, and general goodwill from Verizon. We'll be grabbing a hands-on with LG's Martin Valdez just as soon as we possibly can.

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