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PSP celebrates 5-year anniversary


Happy birthday, PSP! Today, you're five years old. In that time, you've launched 520 games on UMD, 300 games on PSN, sold over 50 million units worldwide, updated your system firmware over 50 times, and gone through three hardware revisions (2000, 3000 and Go). So, think you have five more years left in you?

To commemorate this milestone, each of the Joystiq staff has listed their two most favorite PSP games over the past five years. Let us know what some of your favorites are!

Staff Picks:

Random Stats:
31% of Joystiq writers chose God of War: Chains of Olympus as their favorite PSP game
48% of our picks were published by Sony Computer Entertainment
68% of our picks are available exclusively on PSP
74% of our picks are playable on the PSP Go, via the US PlayStation Store

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