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Verizon launching V Cast Apps on March 29th, RIM devices get first dibs

Darren Murph

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We're here at Verizon Wireless' LTE forum at CTIA 2010, and a higher-up speaking about application development just let a sweet little nugget of information slip: the long-awaited V Cast Apps market will launch on March 29th (that's the new target, anyway). If you'll recall, we've been hearing about this portal ever since last summer, but we're guessing that a bona fide launch was put on pause in order to tweak things for Verizon's eventual LTE release (a bit we'll touch on here later). Initially, the BlackBerry Storm2 will be supported, with other RIM devices coming onboard shortly thereafter. The rollout will continue over the coming weeks and months, hopefully to a few other mobile operating systems.

Responding to a few questions, Verizon insists that its own storefront won't take away from "other markets," namely the Android Marketplace. Instead, they're "perpetuating the ecosystem," with the app store simply being a vessel of distribution. In other words, app devs are stoked that their software could be found in multiple stores.

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