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WoW Moviewatch: The Guild Charter Guy


Wowcrendor's The Guild Charter Guy was his entry into Alienware's Rise to Power contest. It has the same tongue-in-cheek humor as the rest of Crendor's work. In The Guild Charter Guy, Wowcrendor tells the story of a lowly orc who has a dream to change the way raiders and other players interact in the World of Warcraft, and the way he goes about making that dream a reality.

Wowcrendor seemed to do a little more with his soundtrack than he usually does, which is an interesting upgrade to the film. The story moves by fairly quick, and focuses mostly on 3rd person narration to get his plot points across. I liked the brief call-out to the roach vendor, but the ending felt a little quick to me.

I always enjoy Wowcrendor's movies, but I'm encouraged to see him expanding a bit. It'll be interesting to see what kind of work he does next.

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