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Fat Princess expands with two free DLC maps today


Have you made a date with the Fat Princess on PS3 lately? If not, perhaps this news will entice you to jump back on: a new patch today will add two new maps to the online PSN game. Frost Bite and Candy Mountain are both snow-themed maps, ripe for cake eating and princess snatching. This update will boost the number of free DLC maps to four.

It appears that with this update, Fat Princess will switch hands to a new developer: Atomic Operations, helmed by former heads of Titan Studios. It seems that they may be working on that long-teased pirate-themed update, as a recent post on the PlayStation.Blog ends with a "Yo ho ho." Of course, we could be wrong, and SCEA's Deborah Mars may simply be saying hi to some cream-filled cakes.

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