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Funcom teases new Secret World trailer

Jef Reahard

We here at Massively aren't ashamed to admit that we're looking forward to The Secret World. Between our sit-down with Ragnar Tornquist at GDC10 and the juicy bits of into slowly making their way out of the game's unofficial web sites, we're, to put it mildly, stoked. has just fed the fire by unveiling the new trailer for Funcom's forthcoming MMORPG, which looks to be a modern riff on Lovecraft-ian horror mythology mixed with a little conspiracy theory.

The new trailer features a healthy dose of story-based voiceover, glimpses of combat gameplay, and oh yeah, player characters shooting fire from their hands and hacking away with samurai swords. If this footage is any indication, the game will make its mark with a unique combination of class-less progression and atmospheric visuals.

That said, don't take our word for it. As the trailer says, "go on kid, saddle up. The end of the world waits for no man." Hit the jump to check it out.

[Thanks to everyone who tipped us!]

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