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Motorola Devour available on Verizon today for $149.99

Chris Ziegler

If the Droid's a little too much phone for you, you like the color silver, or you're just a Blur kind of guy, we've got a fantastic reminder for you: Motorola's Devour for Verizon is available today. Previously a Best Buy exclusive, the phone is hitting the carrier's stores for $149.99 after a $100 rebate on a new two-year contract, but what's interesting is that the rebate is of the mail-in variety if you don't buy it online -- in other words, it's $50 cheaper to buy a Droid online today than it is to buy a Devour in-store. So yeah, basically, you'd better be really sure this is the phone you're looking for -- and don't forget, you're giving up the Droid's glorious 854 x 480 display to get in on this. No pressure!

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