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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions to be unveiled at WonderCon


According to the WonderCon 2010 event schedule, on Saturday, April 3, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will be featured in an afternoon panel hosted by the likes of Marvel writer Dan Slott, Spidey voice actor Christopher Daniel, Activision senior producer Meghan Morgan and creative director Thomas Wilson of developer Beenox Studios -- wait. Beenox who?

You're probably not familiar with the studio behind the next Spider-Man game by name, and for good reason. The Quebec City, Canada-based studio Bennox, a wholly-owned Activision subsidiary since 2005, has long handled the publisher's dirty work, responsible for porting some 30 or so of Activision's licensed-franchise games to the Windows and Mac platforms. Beenox also handled the Dreamworks-based movie-to-game adaptations of Bee Movie and Monsters vs. Aliens, as well as Guitar Hero: Smash Hits.

Clearly, Beenox has paid its dues and, with Shattered Dimensions, has its first shot at becoming a household name; if it can "un-suck" Activision's Spider-Man series. (Having been crowned Quebec's Best Employer in 2008 and the Company of the Year in 2006, by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce, it sounds like Beenox's staff of roughly 300 could be up to the task.)

Additionally, the WonderCon event listing reveals a few tidbits about Shattered Dimensions, teasing "an exciting new universe never before seen in Spider-Man video games," featuring "unique, unexpected worlds," and the reveal of two "new" villains. This is not going to be your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man, kids.

[Via IGN]

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