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The long and storied history of Aperture Science


Most of us only know Aperture Science for that, erm, unfortunate happening with the "deadly" neurotoxins (most of the details of which are still suppressed by court order, but of course that "deadly" was surrounded by massive sarcasm quotes -- you could take a bath in the stuff). But did you know that its great facility has tested many products long before the rumored ongoing "Portal" initiative? Since the early '50s, Aperture Science has been working hard on some pretty impressive shower curtain technology, perfecting something called the "Heimlich Counter-Maneuver" (designed to interrupt the commonly known first-aid action) and setting up the Take-a-Wish Foundation, a charity to "redistribute wishes" from terminally ill children. After all, how many do they really need, anyway?

All that and more can be found in this informative history of the company founded by Cave Johnson, posted over on the Game Informer site. Of course, we haven't heard much about the latest Aperture project since all of the chaos at the Black Mesa Research Facility and the arrival of the Vortigaunts and the Combine in our world, but we presume that, even with the Aperture Science lab in lockdown since 1998, the GLaDOS AI is carrying on tests as usual. Because, as we're sure she'd agree, there's still science to do.

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