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En Masse answers twenty TERA questions

Jef Reahard

Amira over at has published a lengthy question and answer session with En Masse Entertainment's Brian Knox. En Masse, North American publishers for the forthcoming BlueHole Studios MMORPG, was formed by veterans of both Blizzard and NCSoft and their first project is localizing and distributing TERA to the western market.

Knox drops a few interesting tidbits, including a brief mention of TERA's political system. "TERA's endgame will involve the full spectrum of things you expect from an MMO, including battling in dungeons with PvE instances, taking to the battlegrounds to fight for honor, working the economy with crafting, enchanting, and playing the market. In addition, players will be able to influence the history of each server by participating in the in-game political system," he said.

Check out the full interview and stay with Massively for more TERA coverage in the coming weeks.

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