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Around Azeroth: We still love Fasty

Anne Stickney

Once upon a time, there was a kodo named Fasty. Every day Fasty would lumber across the plains of the Barrens with great, galloping hops. All the other animals of the Barrens knew when Fasty was coming just by the shaking of the ground. "Run! Underground, before he gets to us!" the rabbits of the plains would tell their children. "Quick! Into the water before he crunches our shells!" the turtles would say. "AUGH! WIFE OF KRONK, HOLD DISHES! KRONK NO WANT FINE CHINA DAMAGED, CURSED KODO NO BREAK!" the orcs of the nearby towns would bellow.

But what none of them knew was that Fasty wasn't trying to hurt anyone. Late at night, when everyone else was asleep, Fasty would stare up at the glimmering stars with his soft brown eyes. Oh, how they sparkled and shone! Fasty knew that they were beautiful, he just wanted one to keep for his very own -- the brightest of them all, the one directly to the north. And so... Fasty hopped, day in and day out. He hopped further and further north, and as the weather got colder and colder, and the neighboring critters less friendly, Fasty despaired. It was apparently never meant to be.

That is, until he happened across Ewwie (Quel'thas US). Ewwie, being a druid and all, was more than accustomed to the joys of flight. After gently explaining to Fasty that the stars weren't really something one could collect, Ewwie offered Fasty a ride -- and the kodo joyously accepted. The moral of the story is, a bird and a kodo in the air is far deadlier than a kodo in your hand. Or a bush. With a bird. ...or something along those lines.

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